The title is extremely misleading. To the casual observer this sounds like a citizen’s effort to advance election integrity, but in reality, it does just the opposite. It removes time to qualify as a resident, introduces the ability to vote for Federal elections without evidence of citizenship and more.

What Does It Say?

Here are just a few of the proposed changes. A link to the 26 page document is below. The example is taken directly from the submitted text. Tip: Strike through text is current law that this initiative seeks to repeal. All CAPS or dollars in number format is newly added. Examples:

  • Section 16-101.3: Every resident of the THIS state is qualified to vote if he THE RESIDENT (3) will have been IS a resident of the THIS state twenty nine days next preceding the election, except as provided in section 16-126. (page 1)
  • Section 16-152.23: A statement that the applicant shall submit evidence of United States Citizenship with the application TO BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE A FULL BALLOT and that the registrar shall reject the application if no evidence of citizenship is attached. IF NO SUCH EVIDENCE IS PROVIDED, THE APPLICANT IS ELIGIBLE TO VOTE A FEDERAL-ONLY BALLOT. (Page 5)
  • Section 16-165.8: When the county recorder receives written information from the person registered that the person has a change of residence within the county and the person does not complete and return a new registration form within twenty nine days after the county recorder mails notification of the need to complete and return a new registration with current information. (Page 6)
  • Section 16-914.A. A political action committee without mega PAC status may not contribute more than the following amounts per election cycle: 1. Six thousand two hundred fifty dollars, $1000 to a candidate committee for city, town, county or district office. 2. Six thousand two hundred fifty dollars, $1000 to a candidate committee for a legislative office. 3. Six thousand two hundred fifty dollars, $2500 to a candidate committee for statewide office. (Page 17)
  • Section 16-961.G.5. Primary election spend limits means For a candidate for governor, six hundred thirty eight thousand two hundred twenty two dollars $1,791,204. (Page 21)
  • Section 169-1005. A person who knowingly collects voted or unvoted early ballots from another person is guilty of a class 6 felony. (Page 21)

This ballot initiative, if approved by the voters, will roll back progress we have made regarding election integrity. It will be voter protected, meaning it can not be changed without another initiative voted on by the people.

Who Are It’s Submitters?

Applicant Joel Edman is a former ACLU attorney focused on Immigration’s Rights Projects.
Chairperson Alison Marciniak is a former regional field director for the Arizona Democratic Party.

Please ask everyone you know to NOT SIGN this petition.

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