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Showing up in person at the polls on election day significantly reduces fraud.

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Arizona Primary 

July 5, 2022 Registration Deadline

This is the deadline to be a registered voter in Arizona. 

Tues, August 2, 2022 Voting Day

Primary elections occur every two years, always in an even year. These elections may include U.S. Federal, Arizona Legislative, County, and local offices that are up for re-election. 

A primary election serves to narrow down each recognized political party’s candidates. The candidates that win the nomination in the primary election advance to the general election. Arizona has an open primary which allows voters registered as “independent” to participate by designating to their County Recorder which partisan ballot they would like to receive.


What’s happening among existing elected officials and voting in Arizona.

#PentelGate is the new hot trend for 2022!! The #Uniparty […]
The Declaration of Independence was voted upon on, July 2nd, in 1776. Two days later it was ratified. In acknowledgement of those who signed and countless who sacrificed to enable our freedoms, here is a transcription of the original text.
Be a Maverick Patriots
As campaign season is well underway in Arizona all patriots have a mission. Here's your mission brief.
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Facts about elected officials the public should know about. RINO behavior comes to light.

Not seeing #RINOtag signs in your area? The restock has arrived!
Arizona has a Republican Governor, Republican House and Republican Senate. Arizonians want to know which Republicans don't support One Day, One Vote. Here's what you can do.
Ben Toma, Matt Gress, Vince Leach Large Donations from San Francisco
Why is an individual that lives in San Francisco so invested in a state representative race in Arizona? Ben Toma, Vince Leach, TJ Shope and Matt Gress taking money from Peter Kim of SF.
People's lives are busy. Reading the voters pamphlet doesn't even tell voters the real story. Social media is marketing and candidates don't want to make a stand on the issues. Elected officials who delay votes or vote contrary to constitutional conservative principles. So we're calling them out. #RINOtag.
Identified RINOs running for political office in Arizona. Join us to award these candidates a RINOtag.
Be a Maverick Patriots
As campaign season is well underway in Arizona all patriots have a mission. Here's your mission brief.
Stop the RINOs Patriot Party of Arizona Monthly Meeting
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