Ben Toma, Matt Gress, Vince Leach Large Donations from San Francisco

Toma’s San Francisco Money

Let’s take a look at Representative Ben Toma’s largest donor. 🤔 Peter Kim

Why is an individual that lives in San Francisco so invested in a state representative race in Arizona?

  • Peter Kim works for The Bridgespan Group (in CA) as a leader in their company #woke policy.
  • His clients include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation.
  • He donated to three other candidates in AZ; Vince Leach, TJ Shope and Matt Gress.

Arizona voters should know which candidates are beholden to radical leftist San Francisco extremists. Click image to see full size.

How To Follow The Money

You too can check out Arizona candidates for your local elections. We’ve made it easy for you to look at Election & Bill Funding, Donor & Contributors (like Toma’s largest donor from San Francisco) and more. Be informed!

Where Did This Data Come From?

This information is directly from the SOS site. Transparency USA has the same information. Neither site lists a contribution from an individual by the name Pete Kim in Arizona.

Earlier today, we posted information about 4 “R” candidates that was found on the AZ SOS .gov website that is dedicated to providing transparency to The People by publishing the financial records that candidates are required by law to submit.

The candidates are Ben Toma, Vince Leach, TJ Shope, and Matt Gress. The records indicate donations by Peter Kim from San Francisco, CA. The extra step of confirming the information on the Transparency USA site was done prior to sharing on social media.

Mr. Kim’s occupation is listed as, Partner and Chief People & Culture Officer. A simple search online reveals his employer to be The Bridgespan Group where he leads the racial equity strategy and has authored the article: “Racial Equity and Philanthropy: Disparities in Funding for Leaders of Color Leave Impact on the Table.” Typical #CRT with a side of #ESG.

Shared is information that is posted on a government website, plus the additional information found online, including screenshots. We did not create the financial report, submit it to the SOS, or make up the story out of thin air.

A certain cowardly candidate has been privately messaging people making claims that it is untrue and made up. Of course anyone can go to the websites to verify it themselves.

An uninvolved Ducey social media henchman attempted to call us out, in typical ‘white knight for the RINOs’ fashion on twitter. He quickly realized that the facts are all easily verifiable and that we will defend and not back down or be intimidated. He resorted to an it’s-an-SOS-mistake excuse immediately and retreated after making a very tough guy pronouncement that he knows for a fact that it’s not true.

And, we had the exchange, in these SSs, with Senator Leach in a comment thread on a private FB account post. It’s dialogue, so we can at least respect that.

Here’s the thing, it’s a lot of flat denial. But they’re short on producing proof.

Could it be a mistake by the Secretary of State’s office? That’s not impossible. But if I were one of the candidates, and it was a mistake by the SOS, I would make proof public right away. And that hasn’t been done.

It could also be a cover up. Both Toma and Leach are claiming that the donation is from a different person by the same name. But the only record of any donation by a Pete Kim in the state of Arizona is one, single donation from an LLC to a PAC. While that is legal, if a candidate accepts a donation from an LLC, it’s a violation of campaign finance law. We are not alleging that’s what happened, merely offering it as a possibility.

And then there’s the obvious — the donations are exactly as reported, by exactly the person that has been identified as the donor, by them, on their reports. (4 different candidate reports, prepared and submitted separately by each candidate).

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