Follow The Money 

Research and government transparency groups tracking money in politics and its effect on elections and policy.

Funding Public Record

Research political candidates funding sources, donor contributions and existing office holders funding details. 

Arizona Financial Transparency Portal

The information presented by the Portal for the State of Arizona represents revenues and expenditures as recorded in the Arizona Financial Information System (AFIS), the system of record for most State agencies.

Arizona RINO List

Elected officials and candidates who demonstrate Republican In Name Only (RINO) behaviors.

Spot an Arizona Elected RINO? Share It…


Republican In Name Only (RINO) is a pejorative term used by conservative members of the United States Republican Party to describe Republicans whose political views or actions counter or compromise constitutional conservative leadership. In short, they do not represent their constituencies best interests.

Not seeing #RINOtag signs in your area? The restock has arrived!
Arizona has a Republican Governor, Republican House and Republican Senate. Arizonians want to know which Republicans don't support One Day, One Vote. Here's what you can do.
Why is an individual that lives in San Francisco so invested in a state representative race in Arizona? Ben Toma, Vince Leach, TJ Shope and Matt Gress taking money from Peter Kim of SF.
People's lives are busy. Reading the voters pamphlet doesn't even tell voters the real story. Social media is marketing and candidates don't want to make a stand on the issues. Elected officials who delay votes or vote contrary to constitutional conservative principles. So we're calling them out. #RINOtag.
Identified RINOs running for political office in Arizona. Join us to award these candidates a RINOtag.
As campaign season is well underway in Arizona all patriots have a mission. Here's your mission brief.
Last Nights #RINOTag Here’s a few images of […]
It’s RINO Season As election signs pop up […]
Watch Here! Join the Patriot Party of Arizona’s […]
Many of your “favorite” candidates and media talking […]

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